What Are Your Home’s Security Weak Points?

You can’t put a price on peace of mind and everyone should feel safe in their own home, so the thought of unwanted guests intruding on your home is scary. 

We all like to believe that our home is secure but the truth is, our homes are not always as burglar-proof as we believe. There are often home security weak points that make a burglar’s job easier. There’s no need to worry, our team has compiled a list of common home security weak points and what you can do to better protect your home from intruders. 

Unlocked front/back doors 

An unlocked front or back door is a burglar’s dream. No matter how much you invest in your home’s security,  all this is rendered useless if you forget to lock your front or back doors.

Solution: It sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people forget to lock their front or back doors. To ensure your home is secure, remember  to lock that door! 

Your front door locking system 

Your front door is the gateway to your home. Not only that, it is the frontline of defence against intruders. A basic or outdated locking system makes your front door vulnerable to attack. 

Solution: To improve your home’s security, your front door should be fitted with the latest mechanical locking system technology.

For ultimate security, you may want to replace your existing front door. Composite doors are a great choice for securing your home, whilst not compromising on style. 

Your window locking system 

Burglars are always looking for an opening and your windows may be the ‘in’ they are looking for. To fight against burglars, your window locking systems should be up to scratch

Solution: If your windows are in need of an upgrade, casement windows are considered to be the most secure windows on the market.

Casement windows are designed with security in mind, being impossible to open from the outside. Perfect for keeping out intruders. With its hardware built into its frames to prevent it being tampered with, casement windows are a burglar-proof option.


Burglars are always on the lookout for a potential hiding place and a shadowy walkway along the side of your home offers burglars with a place to hide. 

Solution: To secure your home’s walkways, installing monitored sensored lights in these spots is perfect for revealing any hiding intruders. Leave burglars with no place to hide. 

Your window glass

Your windows might be burglar-proof but does it have burglar-proof glass?If not, all it takes is a big enough rock and a burglar is in.

Solution: If you are looking to burglar-proof your windows, installing tempered glass offers you just the extra security you are looking for. 

Tempered glass is a nightmare for burglars as it is four times stronger than ordinary gl;ass and is resistant to shattering. Tempered glass offers you the security that ordinary glass panes can’t. 

Securing your home 

Your windows and doors are the main target for burglars so a quality installation is vital. A faulty installation or a poor-quality window or door makes your home an easy target for intruders. 

At BBL Windows, we only offer premium products and a professional installation. All our products are designed to last and won’t let you down. We provide all our customers with a service you can trust. 

If you’re looking for extra security for your home in London or Walthamstow, get in touch and see what we can do for your home. Why not even request an online quote today?