BBL Windows stands at the forefront as a premier supplier of aluminium curtain walling, presenting a diverse array of styles tailored to complement any commercial property. Curtain walling, a sophisticated glazing system affixed to a building's external facade, not only enhances the visual allure but also imbues a modern aesthetic.

Beyond its stylish appearance, curtain walling from BBL Windows boasts exceptional durability, requiring minimal maintenance while delivering outstanding thermal and acoustic performance. This combination of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between form and function in their building exteriors.

The aluminium curtain walling offered by BBL Windows is characterised by its versatility, available in various finishes such as anodised, powder-coated, and natural. These options allow property owners to customise the appearance of their structures, ensuring seamless integration with individual tastes and architectural preferences.

With its sleek lines and contemporary flair, BBL Windows' aluminium curtain walling serves as an exemplary means to infuse style and elevate the intrinsic value of any property. Whether you are aiming to enhance the visual aesthetics of a residential abode or provide a modern touch to a commercial space, our curtain walling stands as a testament to sophistication and functionality. Explore the myriad possibilities and elevate your property's exterior with the unparalleled quality and design offered by BBL Windows.

BBL Windows works with two industry-recognised manufacturers that supply all its aluminium curtain walling. Smart Systems and AluK are renown for creating inherently flexible, innovative and lasting aluminium curtain walling systems – which means you’ll be able to rely on the quality of the products we install at your home or office near North London to provide long-term value.

AluK’s SL52 aluminium curtain walling system can be supplied in a faceted format that’s either angled or curved. It can tolerate glass loads as high as 400kg, can be coloured to suit individual requirements, and will create an impressive façade for any property. AluK’s SL52 aluminium curtain walling system – and related range of products – are cost-effective and affordable.

By investing in aluminium curtain walls for your property or business in North London, you’ll be protecting it from weather damage, improving its thermal efficiency and making a visual statement. We have extensive experience of providing tailored solutions to homeowners and commercial customers in your immediate area, so please contact us for a free no-obligation quote today.


Pleasing and Versatile Design

Aluminium curtain walling is versatile enough in design that it can be deployed to overcome a range of architectural and residential challenges. Sturdy in build and glass-filled, it can be modelled to add aesthetic value to a range of building types and provides practical and cost-saving benefits.

Natural Light Filtration

Commercial and residential properties in North London and the local area will benefit from an abundance of natural light filtered through their aluminium curtain walling. The strong and durable aluminium frame of the structure is infilled with glass that allows in lots of natural light.

Perfect for Remodelling

Aluminium curtain walls can be used to segment a given area of a home or office building in North London. If you want to divide a room into two sections, you can use the provided structure of an aluminium curtain wall to screen off one area from the other quickly and easily.

Strong and Durable

Aluminium is stronger than other materials. This means it can capably withstand the effects of air and water infiltration. Our aluminium curtain walling is durable, weather resistant and available in a range of designs.

Great Light Filtration

Commercial and residential properties throughout London and the local area use aluminium curtain walling to harness the natural benefits of light, therein creating interior spaces that feel spacious rather than claustrophobic.

Versatility of Design

If you need to divide an area of your home, office or shopfront into dedicated sections, aluminium curtain walling will allow you to do this quickly, efficiently and more cost-effectively than if you were building brand new walls.

The Benefits of Aluminium Curtain Walling

Aluminium curtain walling is non-structural in its design and can be used for a range of applications for both residential and commercial buildings. Because it is made from lightweight material, aluminium curtain walling is inexpensive to install. Flexible and strong, it is also designed to last and can withstand harsh winds and other environmental factors that might impact upon it.

Smart Systems provide a range of aluminium curtain walling systems geared more toward commercial or retail customers in London or one of its local suburbs. For example, their Shopline screening option is manufactured to allow easy on-site assembly. Supplied in a modular format, this aluminium curtain walling system is constructed by clipping mullions together to create a single screen.

Quality Aluminium Curtain Walling Across North London

Installing aluminium curtain walls properly requires in-depth expertise and experience. We understand the range of products at our disposal and will use that knowledge to engineer a solution that’s practically and visually suitable for your home or business. With a strong reputation in North London and the surrounding areas, we’re perfectly positioned to help you.

BBL is fully accredited and will install your aluminium curtain walling perfectly the first time. We will keep in contact throughout the project to ensure you’re kept informed about progress and will be on-hand to answer any of your questions. We can help you with your home improvement project too – so please contact us for further advice about our stunning range of doors and windows.


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