Aluminium Doors North London

Aluminium is strong and long-lasting, which means our stunning range of bifold and patio doors will continue to add style to your home for many more years to come.

We pride ourselves on the strength of the partnerships we’ve formed. Our aluminium doors are manufactured by AluK: a market-leader that builds both patio and bi-folding doors to suit a range of residential and commercial buildings. Its folding and sliding range of doors can tolerate panel weights of up to 400kg and are PAS 24 certified.

Our aluminium doors are supplied by Schuco, a company that has sold millions of their windows and aluminium doors not just in the UK – but in a wide range of other countries. Our stunning range of Schucho bi-fold and patio doors will provide you with the comfort, security and thermal efficiency you need.

To give our customers London and the local area as much choice as possible, we use Smart Systems to supply our aluminium doors. With an extensive catalogue of products to choose from – like the Visifold 1000 – their extensive range provides us with some additional and exciting design options to show you.

If the installation of your patio or bifold aluminium doors is a one-off project, we can help. Should you be about to embark on extensive renovations – and require the expertise of a local and trustworthy company – we’ll be able to introduce you to our complete portfolio of door and window products that can each he tailored to your specification.

Complement your bi-folding or patio doors with aluminium windows and a dedicated railing that’ll create a stylistically consistent boundary around your decking area. We can provide instant quotes for your project via our dedicated pricing tool, or you speak to our team about any aluminium doors queries you have for your home near London.


Easy Access

Bi-fold and patio aluminium doors function as superb transitional pieces. Because they open horizontally, rather than inwardly or outwardly, they allow people to pass back and forth between the interior and exterior spaces of a home without any problems. Our aluminium doors are the perfect choice for any home in London or its local areas.

Clear Views

Aluminium, although of light weight construction, is extremely strong. This means less of the material is needed to produce a strong and dependable construction. Our aluminium doors will provide you with a contemporary view, beautiful sightlines, and an uninterrupted view of your garden that you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the year.

Bespoke Design

Every property is different. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke designs for our customers in London and its local areas. Whether you want aluminium patio or bi-fold doors, we’ll help you with every aspect of the design: from choosing the best colouring and finishing options, through to selecting the right handles.

Stay Safe and Secure

Whether you choose patio or bi-fold aluminium doors, your home will benefit from enhanced levels of security due to the innovation security mechanisms built in to their profiles as standard. Fully compliant with all regulations, they will rebuff attempts by even the most persistent of intruders trying to gain unauthorised access.

Truly Original Design

Aluminium is stronger than other materials, which means less of it is needed to form a robust and dependable product. An associated benefit of this is revealed by the extensive use of glass in our aluminium and patio doors, which means our customers in North London and its nearby areas can enjoy clear views of their garden.

A Habitable Climate

During warmer months, your bi-fold or patio aluminium doors can be opened to let in lots of cool air and provide you with a conservatory, dining room or lounge that is adequately ventilated. At all other times, they will work to create a thermal barrier that’ll repel cold draughts and prevent heat from escaping outside.


We can create your perfect look with our huge range of colours choices. There’s also a dual colour option, so while the exterior frame can match the building style, the interior colour can match or contrast the inside of your home.

Any RAL Colour

Bi-Folding or Patio Aluminium Doors for Your Home in North London

If you want to let in lots of light, aluminium bi-fold doors will make your interior space lighter and brighter. Because they can be fully opened – and stack into neat concertina shapes to the side of your home or conservatory – these types of aluminium doors will provide you with stunning views of your garden.

If you are researching the best aluminium doors for your home in North London or the local area, you are probably considering a range of different products. Patio doors – in the same vein as bi-folds – can be opened to their fullest extent and will connect you to the outside, whilst also providing plenty of space for access.

One of the advantages of choosing aluminium doors is that they are light in weight and can be manipulated to create finer shapes, which means you’ll benefit from a minimalist design that looks good from all angles. Because bi-fold and patio doors don’t open inward, you can place furniture near the entrance.

If you’re investing your hard-earned money in brand-new patio or bi-fold aluminium doors, you’ll want to know they’re a good investment. With extensive experience of installing a wide range of aluminium doors for customers in your immediate area, we’ll discover your design aspirations when we meet with you.


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