The uPVC casement windows we install for our customers throughout the London area look good from the inside and the outside. Using a higher ratio of glass-to-frame, they’ll reward you with clearer views of your garden, while letting in more natural light than a conventional uPVC casement window that hasn’t been engineered to the same exacting standards.

Our high-performing and aesthetically outstanding range of windows are manufactured by Liniar, an innovator and recognised industry leader in their field.

One of the key advantages of choosing uPVC casement windows for your home in or near London is that they’re easy to look after. No extensive maintenance will be required to preserve their colour or prevent them from rotting, blistering or warping. A quick wipe down with a soapy cloth is all that’s required to keep your windows looking beautiful all year round.

Decorate your uPVC casement windows using an eclectic range of astragal and Georgian bars, then select from our extensive portfolio of colouring and woodgrain foil options to achieve an effect that’s truly unique. Our specialist team will work with you throughout the design process to ensure your made-to-measure windows are a perfect fit for your home in or near London – and are built to accommodate your home improvement budget.

Whether you opt for 28mm double or 36mm triple glazing, our uPVC casement windows – when built using Liniar’s EnergyPlus profile – will help you achieve U-ratings of up to 0.8%. You can depend on the quality of their construction to block out unwanted acoustic noise and retain heat, resulting in a peaceful and warm home environment. Save money and stay warm when you choose your brand-new uPVC casement windows from BBL.

BBL understands the intricacies of the uPVC casement windows it installs for its many customers throughout London and any of its surrounding areas. We can install your brand-new uPVC casement windows on a standalone basis. Perhaps you have been looking at Lean-to or Edwardian conservatories, which need to incorporate uPVC bi-folding doors and a new roofline. Either way, contact us today for an informal discussion.


Fully Customised

We’ll make sure your brand-new uPVC casement windows complement the existing design and architectural features of your home. Choose from a range of glazing, colouring, finishing and decorative options to build a product that’s visually and practically outstanding. It’s no small wonder that uPVC casement windows are such a popular choice for homeowners living in London or one of its surrounding suburbs.

Superior Security

Investing in Liniar uPVC casement windows will make your home, conservatory or extension safer. Your installed products will be fitted with locks and hinges that have been independently tested and meet the stringent requirements defined by PAS: 24 2012. Even the most persistent intruder will struggle to bypass the innovative security mechanisms incorporated into your uPVC casement windows as standard.

A Warmer Home

Keep your home in London comfortable 24/7 with brand new uPVC casement windows from BBL. Thanks to its six-chamber profile, Liniar’s EnergyPlus range is capable of rewarding homeowners with A+ ratings. If you want to keep the heat inside – and the cold outside where it belongs – our range of beautiful uPVC casement windows will be a lasting investment that’ll save you significant money on your heating.

Long Lasting

uPVC casement windows are robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, which means they won’t require extensive maintenance. Keeping the outside of your home in or near the London area presentable will be easy too. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to remove dirt and unwanted debris from your new windows. Which means you’ll have more time to attend to other important matters requiring your attention.

Clearer Views

Our uPVC Liniar casement windows use more glass and less frame, which means they’ll reward you with panoramic views of the outside and let in lots of natural light, which will help create a better impression of space and seamlessly join your inner spaces. This will, in turn, make your home more marketable to prospective buyers. Enjoy an extensive range of benefits with your brand new set of uPVC casement windows.


The six-chambered profile incorporated into Liniar’s EnergyPlus profile prevents the unwanted seepage of heat while blocking the potentially damaging ingress of cold air that can cause a range of expensive-to-fix damp-related issues. Keep your home in or near London warm and inexpensive to run with our uPVC casement windows. Contact our experienced team for further guidance on the benefits of this efficient product.


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