Explore our outstanding range of Liniar bi-fold doors today to discover a product that’ll make your home warmer, safer and stunning to look at.

Design uPVC bi-fold doors that suit the architectural style and size of your property by choosing from a range of options that’ll make it stand out from the crowd. Available in either a 2- or – pane configuration, our range of bi-fold doors use a high ratio of frame-to-glass that lets in lots of natural light and creates stunning sightlines. Add instant value to your North London property with our beautiful and high-performing range of uPVC bi-fold doors.

Our Liniar uPVC bi-fold doors are the perfect choice for any homeowner wanting to achieve a contemporary design that’ll add value to their property. Engineered and built to achieve the highest possible standards, they perfectly balance practical design with outstanding aesthetics to deliver enviable levels of performance at an affordable price, which means you can relax safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a fantastic investment.


Perfect Visibility

During warmer periods, you’ll be able to rake back your doors to reveal a perfect vista of your garden. Running back and forth vertically along a dedicated rail system, they’re easy to operate and the perfect choice for anyone living in North London or its local areas who wants to bring the outside one step closer.

Innovative Security

The uPVC bi-fold doors we install for homeowners throughout your immediate area incorporate hidden fixes and slim hinges. The beautiful Liniar profiles of these doors effortlessly combine seamless design elegance with an innovative security system that cannot be externally unscrewed by would-be intruders trying to gain access.

Rigorously Tested

When you buy doors from BBL, you’ll be purchasing a dependable product that has been tested to ensure enduring performance. Weatherproof, safe and secure, our bi-fold doors meet – and, more often than not, exceed – the minimum standards laid down by industry regulations at a cost that’s affordable.

Product Quality

Liniar is a recognised industry-leader in its field. The quality of its profiles, combined with our expertise, means you’ll benefit from a made-to-measure installation that won’t need replacing or repairing long into the future. Long lasting and stunning to look at, they’ll be a fantastic investment that you won’t regret.

Energy Efficient

During colder periods, the thermally broken profile in your uPVC bi-fold doors will keep the heat in and the cold out. At all other times, you’ll be able to keep your home in or near London well-ventilated by opening your doors fully. Your internal climate will be perfectly balanced always, leaving you to relax at all times.

Fully Guaranteed

You can trust in the lasting quality of your uPVC bi-fold doors. Easy to use and stunning to look at, your product will be backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee that underlines our confidence in its ability to deliver long-term performance. Perfectly installed, your doors won’t need to be replaced or repaired in the near future.

Beautiful Views at a Cost You Can Afford

Make uPVC bi-fold doors your first choice if you want to enjoy enviable views of your garden. The innovative design of this type of product – which employs a collapsible design that stacks into neat panels to the side of your home – means you will be able to open your doors to their fullest extent to enjoy unbroken views of the outside.

Homeowners throughout North London and the surrounding area choose uPVC bi-fold doors to add value to their property. Although design influences their buying decision, they’re also attracted to the innovative design of the Liniar profile we use, which can be installed using a wide range of colouring, finishing, glazing and threshold options.

Our uPVC bi-fold doors have been rigorously tested by Liniar to ensure they’re capable of withstanding the often-harsh weather conditions synonymous with the British climate. Easy to maintain and keep clean, they can be adapted to include ramps through the inclusion of a low threshold option that’s 24mm high and allows universal access.


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