• Feb



    3 Reasons Why Coloured Windows & Doors Are An Investment

    In the past, white windows were all the range. Today, homeowners are being more adventurous and coloured windows are rapidly growing in popularity.  With a greater range of shades to choose from, more and more homeowners are using colour to enhance the aesthetics of their homes. Not only are coloured windows aesthetically pleasing but they have […]

  • uPVC Tilt and Turn Window London
    • Jan



    Benefits Of Tilt And Turn Windows

    Cleaning your windows can be a real headache and window cleaners can be costly. So, a window that doesn’t require time-consuming cleaning and maintenance may just be what you’re after.  Tilt and turn windows are designed to take the hassle out of the cleaning process whilst providing a versatile alternative to your conventional window style.  […]

    • Dec



    What’s the difference between Storefront and Curtain Wall?

    First impressions of your business count, and that’s why the facade of a business is imperative. Other than a business’ website, the front of their physical property is often the first thing that potential customers will see, and it’s important that it attracts them. When it comes to the front exterior of a business or […]

  • Victorian Conservatory London
    • Nov



    How To Match A Conservatory Style To Your Property?

    If you’re looking for extra living space or perhaps you want to draw in more natural light into your home, adding a conservatory to your home is a perfect way to transform it. However, there are so many conservatory styles, each with their own unique qualities, it’s not always easy to choose the right conservatory for […]

    • Oct



    What Are Your Home’s Security Weak Points?

    You can’t put a price on peace of mind and everyone should feel safe in their own home, so the thought of unwanted guests intruding on your home is scary.  We all like to believe that our home is secure but the truth is, our homes are not always as burglar-proof as we believe. There are […]

  • roof lantern
    • Sep



    Roof Lanterns vs Skylight Windows – Which To Choose?

    Trying to add more light into your home? Then roof lanterns are a perfect option. With so many different styles available, when it comes to rooflights, the sky’s the limit (literally). When choosing a rooflight, you are faced with two main choices: roof lanterns or skylight windows.There is often confusion when it comes to roof lanterns […]

    • Aug



    Double Glazing in Summer: What’s the Benefit?

    While double glazed windows are famed for their ability to keep our homes warm in the winter, as the summer months roll on, our focus invariably turns to keeping cool rather than warm. Double glazing may therefore seem like less of a priority at this time of year. However, there are a number of key […]

    • Jul



    South Facing Windows: Does the Way the Window Faces Matter?

    When you bought your house, or if you’re currently looking to buy or sell, it’s likely you’ll have heard estate agents extolling the virtues of ‘south facing’ properties. The reason south facing windows are such a key benefit to your property, is that they allow more light to enter your home. South facing rooms get […]

    • Jun



    All about Energy Efficient Windows

    Having an energy efficient home is vitally important. Aside from the environmental impact of increased carbon emissions, there are also your household bills to consider. Nowadays, there’s a lot you can do to make your home more energy efficient and one improvement that will make a big difference is to replace your windows with energy […]

    • May



    The Top Five Double Glazing Products You Should Install This Summer

    The summer is now upon us. The weather is getting warmer and, in spite of a few showers, we can look forward to warmer days yet. That means longer days, more sunshine and hours spent out in the garden. But if you really want to enjoy the summer, both inside your home and out, there […]

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