Timber doors are a classic choice for both new construction and replacement doors. Not only do they provide an elegant look, but they can also be stained or painted to match your home's existing décor. In addition, wooden doors are generally more durable than their synthetic counterparts, and they provide better insulation against both heat and cold. As a result, timber doors can help to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. In addition, wooden doors offer good security against forced entry, helping to keep your family safe. For all these reasons, wooden doors remain a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for both style and function.

Our range of Bereco wooden doors conforms to strict security standards. They will provide superior levels of security that even the most persistent intruder will struggle to bypass; fully sealed, these robustly designed doors will stop the potentially damaging ingress of water and won’t yield to the vicissitudes of British weather.

Our doors are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to provide a high level of security. We offer a variety of different designs, including traditional and contemporary styles. Our team of experts can advise you on the best door for your home, and we offer a bespoke service to ensure that your door is exactly what you need.



The patio and bi-fold wooden door products we source from Bereco are sustainable. This means you’ll be buying an eco-friendly product that will further reduce your carbon footprint using thermally-efficient panels designed to keep in the warm air.

Perfect Vistas

A wooden door can span the entire length of a property. When opened to their widest extent, they provide superior panoramas of the outside. When closed, because of the amount of glass they use, the outdoors never seems far away.

Flexible Design

You want sliding or bi-fold wooden doors that will match the colour schemes and architectural features of your property. Choose from a range of colouring, staining and framing options when we meet you with at your home in or near London.

Great Views

Bi-fold or patio wooden doors open fully to provide a clear vista of the outside. This capability also provides an additional benefit in the form of wide open space that allows people to pass back and forth across the threshold without interruption.

Classic or Modern

Wooden doors are authentic and an ideal design choice for period properties. Available in both traditional or modern formats, our exciting range of wooden doors can be modified to suit the individual character of any property and look the way you expected them to.

Versatile Operation

Because patio and bi-fold doors operate vertically and fully open, they won’t make it difficult for people passing across the threshold. This is good news from a logistical perspective too – as you won’t need to worry about where to place furniture.

Quality Wooden Doors in North London

To ensure the structural integrity of our range of doors, we source our products from the industry’s recognised leader in this field: Bereco. The superior quality of their bi-fold and patio wooden door range empowers us to provide our customers living in the North London area with innovative and practical solutions that work.

Bereco’s folding wooden doors are available in a modern or classic format, so you’ll be able to choose a design that’s fully appropriate to the architectural features of your home. This is in part thanks to the ovolo mouldings incorporated into their design, which allows the introduction of plenty of light into the designated space.

Thermal efficiency is guaranteed when you choose one of our Bereco sliding patio doors. The thermally-insulated and sculpted panels in this range work in close conjunction with dedicated trickle vents to ensure your home is always a comfortable temperature, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to keep warm.


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