Our stunning uPVC stable doors are innovatively designed and will act as a beautiful frontispiece for your home, while at the same time making it a warmer, safer and more secure place to be.

The Liniar uPVC stable doors we install for our customers have been built and tested to ensure they won’t crack, blister or warp in response to extreme weather conditions. Their thermally-broken profiles add further value by locking in the heat and blocking the ingress of cold draughts, which might otherwise cause damp- or mould-related issues that are expensive and time-consuming to remedy.

BBL Windows is an accredited installer that prides itself on supplying stable doors of the highest quality. Our made-to-measure products can be customised to create bespoke designs capable of responding to the demands posed by any property in the North London area and comply with the stringent requirements defined by all relevant industry regulations and lead bodies.

Attain enviable levels of thermal efficiency when you choose BBL to install brand new stable doors in your home. All uPVC Liniar doors can be installed in either a 4- or 6-chambered configuration and can achieve U-values as high as 1.0. Talk to us about your requirements so that we can help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective design option.


Bespoke and Beautiful Design

Your uPVC stable doors, whether installed at the front of rear of your property, will be on prominent display. Our residential entrances can be modified to include a host of exciting accessories, including handles and letterboxes.

A Unique Modus Operandi

It’s the nature of their operation that makes uPVC stable doors such a popular choice for customers your immediate area. During hotter weather, the coupling mechanism can be overridden to fully ventilate the room in question.

Versatility and Security When You Need It Most - Quality Stable Doors across North London

uPVC stable doors are unique in design, in that the sashes can work in tandem so that they function as a normal residential entrance; contrastingly, these sections can be operated independently using a simple handle that disengages the coupling mechanism. uPVC stable doors are inherently flexible and the perfect choice for any discerning homeowner who lives in London or the local area and wants to add visual and market value to their property.

The uPVC stable doors we install for customers are designed and manufactured by Liniar, a leader in their respective field. You can depend on the quality of the profiles of these doors – which meet, but typically exceed, PAS 24: 2012 standards – to protect your home from would-be intruders and prevent injury during operation. Rigorously tested, these uPVC stable doors will add lasting value to any property in London or the surrounding suburbs.

To provide our customers living in the North London area with as much choice as possible, we source our uPVC stable doors from two trusted and recognised suppliers: Future Products and TruFrame. In either case, you will benefit from an environmentally-friendly product that’s lead-free and can be easily recycled at the end of its lifespan. Our uPVC doors provide further ecological value, in that they’re thermally efficient and will help you lower your carbon footprint.


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