When you're looking for the best in uPVC windows and doors, look no further than our customisable range of bow & bay windows. Our Georgian bars, sash horns and woodgrain foils will give your house a distinctive style that's sure to excite potential buyers or tenants. If you want more information on how we can help with all your window needs contact us today!

Although our customers want uPVC bow & bay windows that add aesthetic value to their property, they’re equally concerned about safety. Choosing a product that’s built using up-to-date technology and complies with all relevant industry regulations is, therefore, of equal importance to them. That’s why they turn to BBL for an affordable solution.

Built to conform to the testing requirements stipulated by PAS:24 2012, our Liniar uPVC bow & bay windows incorporate leading multi-point locking systems as standard within their profiles. You can trust this innovative technology to block most attempts by would-be intruders to gain unauthorised access to your home.

Whether you’re renovating throughout or looking for like-for-like replacement windows, BBL ‘s experienced team of installers will consult closely with you to help you achieve your design aims.


The Choice is Yours

Although uPVC bow & bay windows both let in lots of natural light and expertly create a sense of interior space, their respective designs are different. Bow windows are curved in shape, while bay windows will imbue your home in or near the London area with a squarer profile. We’ll be able to discuss the relative merits of each product when you contact us.

Superb Energy Efficiency

You’ll benefit from a warmer home, conservatory or extension when you ask BBL to install brand new uPVC bow & bay windows. Liniar’s EnergyPlus model utilises, for example, a 6-chambered profile to deliver an enviable Windows Energy Rating (WER) of A+ comfortably, so you won’t have to worry about expensive heating bills with this range.

Ecologically Friendly

The uPVC bow & bay windows you choose for your home in or near London will be good for you and the environment. Although they are designed with longevity in mind, they can be easily dismantled and recycled when they reach the end of their natural lifespan, which means you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint and your heating bills at the same time.

Aesthetically Outstanding

Because they use less frame and more glass, our uPVC bow & bay windows will provide wonderful views of your London home's garden and bring the outside one step closer. Coloured, finished and accessorised to meet your design preferences, they’ll align with your chosen schemes and superbly underscore the architectural strengths of your property.

An Investment in Every Sense

There are no disadvantages with our uPVC bow & bay windows. Built using innovative technology, they will keep your home in or near London warm, safe and secure. Because they let in an abundance of natural light – and extend beyond the natural threshold of your property – they’ll add further market value by creating a better impression of interior space.

Perfect Installation

Our in-depth understanding of uPVC bow & bay windows enables us to install perfectly fitted products every time that are designed to last. You won't need to worry about warping or rotting and can instead take comfort from the 10-year manufacturer guarantee that comes as standard with your brand new windows. Contact us for a more detailed conversation or quote.

High Quality uPVC Bow & Bay Windows across North London

uPVC bow & bay windows extend outwards and let in lots of natural light, meaning they create a better sense of internal space. The extensive use of glass in uPVC bow & bay windows means they’re capable of providing fantastic views of the outside – which makes them a fantastic investment for anyone living in North London or one of its local suburbs who wants to add value to their home.

Beautiful by any standards, the design of our uPVC bow & bay windows can be further enriched by selecting from a wide portfolio of accessories. You’ll be able to customise your product by adding leaded glass, decorative sash horns, handles and Georgian or astragal bars – and browse our palette of RAL colours and woodgrain foils to ensure your finished design looks perfect.

Our uPVC bow & bay windows are manufactured by Liniar, a manufacturer recognised for its innovation and the enduring quality of its products. To further ensure the integrity of this range, we use TruFrame and Future Systems as our suppliers. Contact us today for further information about our affordable range of uPVC bow & bay windows for homes in or near London.


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