uPVC Door Lock Mechanism Broken: How to open door

When you’ve got a broken locking mechanism on a uPVC door it can be an inconvenience, making it difficult to get in and out.

But it can also be a fire safety and security risk, so it’s definitely not something that should go overlooked.

Luckily, depending on the nature of the problem, you may be able to carry out the repair yourself for minimal cost.

Check the Handle

The first thing to do is identify the problem itself as some issues are easier to fix than others. Try the key in the lock and turn it as usual. If it doesn’t turn, then the fault is likely with the barrel itself. Check the door handle. If it feels loose, locate the screw that holds the barrel into place. Once you tighten the screw, this should hold the barrel into place and enable you to lock and unlock your door properly. If the fault persists, then it’s likely the issue is with your mechanism itself. 

Check the Mechanism 

When you try the key, if it turns and clicks as normal, this means the barrel is intact and the issue lies with the mechanism. 

Each uPVC door carries its own gearbox, so when replacing it, you need to find a retailer that stocks the same mechanism as the one you are replacing.

Replacing the mechanism itself is a tricky job, one that shouldn’t be carried out without some preparation or know-how.

It may be best to engage a professional to complete this task as doing it incorrectly could damage the door itself.

Quality installation

The best way to avoid issues with your door mechanism, is to ensure you use a reputable window and door installer.

If you need help repairing a broken mechanism or replacing the door, BBL Windows can help.

We offer a wide variety of windows and doors, all expertly fitted, so if you’re experiencing problems with your doors, or if you’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade of your windows and doors, talk to us and we’ll be happy to help.