Top 5 living room decor trends of 2022


Upgrading your living room decor to the latest trends can make you fall back in love with your home, as well as adding value if you’re looking to sell, especially if you’re making permanent changes. As we move further into the 21st century, styles and trends in home decor continue to change, and it can be hard to keep up with these changes. So here are the top 5 living room decor trends of 2022 that you’re going to want to watch out for. 


Eclectic home decor is a mixture of lots of different decor styles to create one unique design tailored to your specific taste. This decor style is great because you can use elements of pieces you already own, meaning you don’t have to purchase lots of new items to keep up with this trend. Some of the elements we see within the eclectic style are vintage furniture pieces, bold colours, and a mix of materials.

Bold colours and patterns

Trends often have a cycle and we’re happy to say that bold colours and patterns are making a comeback. For years the minimalist style was one of the only styles that stayed consistently popular, but now you can expect to see at least hints of bold colours and patterns in many homes. If you’re looking to have a brighter and more fun living room, then you could try painting your walls an electric blue, or add colourful accessories for a less permanent change.


Although other styles are becoming increasingly popular, there’s no doubt that minimalism is a decor style that isn’t going anywhere soon, which is only made easier by the evolving home technology available to us. The clean and fresh look is often something people want to achieve for their homes, and this style is also great if you’re not sure what colour pieces you should be incorporating into your home, as nearly all of your furniture will be a shade of white or cream. This style is also associated with a bright and airy room, which can be achieved easily with a brand new large window or door install, letting maximum light into the room, especially during the summer.


This trend is perfect for those of you that want to create a cosy and warm living room which is going to be perfect for the English winters. The usual colours associated with this decor style are usually warm tones like brown and deep reds, often mixed with creams and greys. If you’re looking for a rustic home decor style then purchasing wooden furniture and installing oak flooring is the perfect place to start.


The contemporary style of home decor can be tricky to get right, but if you do, you’ll create a stunning living room which is just as practical as it is good looking. This style focuses on an edited aesthetic that is free of clutter and mess. Contemporary style embraces minimalistic elements highlighting greys, beiges and shades of white, often with slight pops of colour to add depth to a space. Inspiration photos of this style are easy to find online, and are a great place to start if you want a visual to base your decor off. 

Based on the trends we’ve seen so far, natural materials and vintage designs are likely to continue to be popular, as is using technology to create a more immersive experience. We also expect to see a lot of boulder choices in colour and pattern, as well as more personalised designs that reflect the individual tastes of homeowners. Whatever happens over the next few years, one thing is sure – your living room is bound to evolve along with the rest of the home decor industry if you continue to read our blogs. Looking for a more permanent living room change? Contact BBL Windows for your window and door upgrade today.