3 Reasons Why Coloured Windows & Doors Are An Investment

In the past, white windows were all the range. Today, homeowners are being more adventurous and coloured windows are rapidly growing in popularity. 

With a greater range of shades to choose from, more and more homeowners are using colour to enhance the aesthetics of their homes. Not only are coloured windows aesthetically pleasing but they have numerous advantages. Let’s take a look at why opting for coloured windows is a worthwhile investment. 

Increased kerb appeal

Your windows are one of the first things people see when visiting, or walking past your home so it is important to make the right impression. With coloured windows, you can make your home stand out from your neighbours. The colour you choose for the frames can completely transform the appearance of your home. Grey windows, for example, give a classic and timeless feel. By opting for a brighter colour like yellow you can create a warm and inviting aesthetic that will get heads turning. So, in terms of increased kerb appeal, coloured windows are the obvious choice. 

Add value to your home

You may not realise it but the colour you choose for your windows or doors can actually, in fact, increase the value of your home. This is because not only will your home be more desirable to potential buyers but it will also set your property apart from its competitors. Therefore, if you’re struggling to sell your home, coloured windows or doors may just be what your home needs to sell and at a higher price too. Coloured windows or doors which are unique to your home may just make a difference for a potential buyer choosing your property. 

Reflect your personality

If you are the type of person who likes to stand out from the crowd then coloured windows and doors are a great way to express your personality. The colour you choose should reflect your personal taste and give off a feeling that is unique to you. If you want to make your home pop then bright yellow and red are one of the most popular colours of windows and doors to do just that. If you’re a bit more subtle, then more natural colours will give a traditional look. 

As you can see, if you’re looking to revamp the appearance of your home or perhaps you want to set your home apart from others then just by carefully considering the colour of your windows or doors you can make a big impact. 

But before you go investing in new coloured windows or doors, it is important to choose a trusted door or window installer to carry out the installation. 

At BBL Windows, we take pride in delivering exceptional service to all of our customers. Made in the UK by leading door and window manufacturers, we are confident that our products will meet your expectations.

If you are looking for high-quality windows or doors available in a stunning range of colours then look no further. Get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to discuss the best colour for your home. Or, better yet, use our online tool to design your new windows or doors to your exact requirements and receive a free quote today.