Roof Lanterns vs Skylight Windows – Which To Choose?

roof lantern

Trying to add more light into your home? Then roof lanterns are a perfect option. With so many different styles available, when it comes to rooflights, the sky’s the limit (literally).

When choosing a rooflight, you are faced with two main choices: roof lanterns or skylight windows.There is often confusion when it comes to roof lanterns and skylights with them often being confused with one another.

Despite their similarities, there are some subtle differences between them. Our team is at hand to clear things up for you. 

 In this article , we take a closer look at roof lanterns and skylight windows and help you decide the right choice for your home. 

Roof lanterns

 What exactly is a roof lantern?A roof lantern is a glass structure that sits on top of a flat roof. They are usually pyramid-shaped to encourage light to come through from all angles. Roof lanterns are a great way to flood your home with natural light. 

A typical flat roof can be pretty boring and uninspiring architecturally, whereas, a roof lantern can be a homes showstopper and completely transform a conservatory, extension or any room in your home. 

They are a stylish feature which makes the most of the space you have available and creates the illusion of your home bigger than it actually is.

Skylight Windows

So how do skylight windows differ from roof lanterns? Where roof lanterns sit on top of a flat roof, skylight roofs are installed within the flat roof itself. Like roof lanterns, skylights are focused on channeling as much light as possible. 

However, skylight windows have the option to open, improving ventilation and breathing air into your home. Much like the rest of the windows in your home.

From the outside your home looks no different when a skylight window is installed, on the inside it is a different story. Skylight windows give an airy and more spacious feel.

Roof lantern or Skylight Window: Which to choose?  

Now the differences are a bit more clearer, the real question is which is best for your home? The answer to that question really depends on what you’re looking to achieve. 

If you’re looking to attract as much light as possible and make the most of space, both roof lanterns and skylight windows are great options. However, the main difference between roof lanterns and skylight windows can be seen in their appearances. 

Roof lanterns create a grand aesthetic to your home, whereas, skylight windows offer a much more discreet look. 

Installing a new roof lantern or skylight window

The truth is there is no clear winner as each home is different and each homeowner wants different things. Whether you choose a roof lantern or a skylight window, one thing is for certain, it is important to choose an installer that you can trust. 

At BBL Windows, we offer a quality installation with each of our products. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of service possible.

No matter your project, we have the solution. If you’re looking for a new roof lantern or skylight window in London, get in touch or request a quote for free today.