Double Glazing in Summer: What’s the Benefit?

upvc leaded windows

While double glazed windows are famed for their ability to keep our homes warm in the winter, as the summer months roll on, our focus invariably turns to keeping cool rather than warm.

Double glazing may therefore seem like less of a priority at this time of year. However, there are a number of key benefits to having double glazed windows in the summer months, which are often overlooked. 

Protecting Soft Furnishings 

UV light can be harmful to soft furnishings and wallpaper, causing them to fade over time.

Of course, during the summer, the last thing you want is to keep your curtains closed all day long as you want to get the full benefit of extended hours of sunshine.

New technology in double glazed windows counteracts the harmful effects of UV radiation on your property. While it cannot eliminate the effects completely, it does go some way to protecting your soft furnishing, natural wood features and even photographs from fading in the sunlight. 


Keeping a window open is a natural reaction to the summer heat, particularly at night when the heat can be overbearing and prevent sleep.

With this, comes security concerns and it is not advisable to leave windows open overnight. uPVC windows provide a solution to this issue with ventilation options, allowing the warm air to leave the home and keep it cool and comfortable.

Opening mechanisms also allow windows to be locked while partially open, allowing the cool night air into your home, but keeping a small enough gap to prevent intruders from entering. 

Keeping you cool 

As well as through ventilation, modern uPVC windows are designed to keep your home cool by retaining the cool air in the same way it retains the warm air in the winter.

South facing windows can also be fitted with solar reflective glass to prevent too much heat from entering your home. A solar reflective film can also be retrofitted to these windows, saving on full replacements. 

Easing allergies 

Hay Fever is responsible for ruining many a summer, and unfortunately, you are not always safe from the ravages of allergies inside your own home.

Humidity in the air is a hotbed for pollen, meaning you can still suffer an allergic reaction inside your home, even if you keep the windows and doors tightly closed. Double-glazed windows can help to prevent this.

Trickle vents installed above the window frame prevent your home from becoming too humid by increasing the air flow.

If you’re in the market for new windows, there’s no reason to put it off until the cold weather arrives as there are still plenty of benefits to be had in the summertime.

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